OMG...I Just Got the Diabetes. What Should I Do Next? Is There Any Diabetes Treatment Guidelines?

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At first, you should calm down and pay close attention to observe your fasting blood sugar. Since you have hypertension before, you’d better take some exams to rule out the hyperlipidemia. In the long term, diabetes is an endocrine disorder, which cannot be cured at present. You can only manage it and avoid the emergence of complications through the comprehensive treatment of drugs, diet and exercise. You can refer to the tips listed below. 1.Diabetes education. A good knowledge of diabetes makes you well control your blood sugar and avoid diabetic complication. 2. Physical exercise. This is one of the most effective and essential ways. Some diabetic patients with overweight. Through physical exercise, they can get their weights back into control, which is conducive to diabetes management. 3. Diet control. Your daily meals and fruits should correspond with your weight and labor intensity. Do not eat overeating. 4. Drug therapy. Choose suitable hypoglycemic drugs under the guidance of doctors. 5. Insulin therapy. For type one diabetes, blood sugar must be controlled through insulin. Insulin for type II diabetes must fit the doctor’s requirement.   Related FAQs: