How Long Does Bronchitis Last?

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The length of time it takes for a person to recover from bronchitis depends on whether they have acute or chronic bronchitis.

According to the American Lung Association, acute bronchitis usually lasts for between 3–10 days, although some symptoms, such as coughing, can last longer.

Chronic bronchitis lasts longer than acute bronchitis. Symptoms of chronic bronchitis last for at least 3 months out of the year. In many cases, symptoms last even longer.

There are two types of bronchitis:
  • Acute bronchitis: Symptoms last for a few weeks, but it doesn't usually cause any problems past that.
  • Chronic bronchitis: It keeps coming back or doesn't go away at all.
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That didn’t answer the question.
I don't know if this is normal or not but I am exhausted from bronchitis.  I think it's because of the interrupted sleep from coughing jags plus it feels like elephants on my chest from coughing.  Not fun.
Yes you can feel exhausted fatigued etc. with bronchitis. Have you taken cough meds?
Diseases always make people tired. Find a way to sleep well may help.
This is the second week of acute bronchitis & im still exhausted. I’m not coughing & I'm sleeping a lot. Very little appetite.
Drink adequate water and keep you well hydrated. Take some time to relax and have good rest. Wait for the bronchitis to go away
This is my second week still coughing still exhausted and I feel so bad all the time
It may become chronic if you didn't control it properly. What medications are you taking? You can go to see a respiratory specialist.