Can I Fly After a Concussion?

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To some, flying cross-country is no worse than taking a long road trip in the passenger seat, but others report headaches, fatigue, and nausea from flying, possibly from decreased oxygen levels and changes in pressure. On top of that, extreme turbulence can make headaches worse, though some acetaminophen could possibly head relieve that issue. Other things you can do to prevent any complications when flying post-concussion are making sure to be well rested before boarding a plane (or sleeping during the flight) and to stay well hydrated. Normal relaxation or distractions such as reading or watching movies can make symptoms worse, so it is important to be aware of the risk and plan ahead to possibly bring earplugs or something else to help you avoid loud noise. It doesn’t seem that flying after a minor brain injury is all that dangerous, but for others with more numerous or severe symptoms that may not be the case and it is best to consult your personal physician before deciding to make your trip. Keyword: can i fly after concussion