Why Dementia Patients Stop Eating?

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Why dementia patients stop eating?

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You may notice that some people with severe dementia begin to stop eating. Here may be some of the reasons:
  • problems swallowing due to damage to the brain
  • weakness and frailty resulting in weakening of the muscles needed to swallow
  • little appetite; their sense of hunger and thirst might be wholly absent due to the extensive damage to the brain
  • choice made by the patient; so that he can take control over his own situation at the end of his lives
As to the last possibility, sorry to say that, stopping eating is a part of the normal dying process. A dying person will naturally lose interest in food and fluids and progressively become weaker. In this situation, it may be a desire to avoid suffering, and the wish to take control over their death.   Keywords: why dementia patients stop eating