Is It Coronary Artery Disease or Cardiac Neurosis ?

1 Answer

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Q: My father is 68, he has been feeling short of breath for days. In ER, we've run quite a few tests, including ECG, ECG monitoring, blood test. All of the tests are normal. Doctor prescribed medicine for CAD, but he still feels out of breath. One of my father's friends mentioned about cardiac neurosis, I want to ask if it's possible that my father has cardiac neurosis rather than coronary heart disease?

A: In your father's case, male at 68 years old, CAD is at the top of the list. I'll recommend you to make an appointment with a cardiologist, and take further examinations. The cardiologist will give exercise stress test, thallium stress tests, and further coronary angiography examination as necessary. 

Cardiac neurosis means an anxiety reaction causing quick fatigue, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, and other cardiac symptoms.    Related FAQ: