How to Classify High Blood Pressure? What are the Ranges?

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Stage I hypertension: systolic pressure:140-159mmHg Diastolic pressure:90-99mmHg Stage II hypertension: systolic pressure: 160-179mmHg Diastolic pressure:100-109mmHg Stage III hypertension: systolic pressure: >=180mmHg Diastolic pressure: >=110mmHg In general, the ideal blood pressure is 120/80mmHg. Normal range is less than 130/85mmHg. 130-139mmHg/85-89mmHg is approximately high blood pressure, which is the highest range of normal bp. If you have stage 1 hypertension, it is just high blood pressure without any other organ disease. But if you are stage 2, you may have ventricular hypertrophy, cardiac and brain or kidney damage. The function of organ is still in compensatory state. If you have stage3 hypertension, which means that you are in emergency, you will have cerebral hemorrhage, heart failure and renal failure.   Related FAQs: