What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Dementia in the Elderly?

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Dementia is a group of symptoms. In brief, they include problems in thought, communication, and memory. However, if you or your loved one is experiencing memory problems, don’t conclude that it’s dementia at once. Because there may be other possible reasons. The following is a list of specific signs. But you should also remember the true signs vary across different people.
  1. Short-term memory problems, such as forgetting where they left an item.
  2. Difficulty finding the right words.
  3. A change in mood, such as a shift from being shy to outgoing.
  4. Indifference. They may lose interest in their former hobbies.
  5. Difficulty completing normal tasks.
  6. Confusion. For example, they may have difficulty remembering someone they’ve known before.
  7. Repeating daily tasks. Or, they could repeat the same questions.
  8. Becoming afraid. Because of the early experiences, they may fear and be afraid to try new ones.
Sometimes memory loss is a normal part of aging and can also occur due to other factors, such as fatigue. So, if you suspect you or your loved ones condition, the best diagnosis always comes from a doctor.   Keywords: signs symptoms dementia elderly
My mother is 81 yrs old recent death (11/24/2018) of oldest daughter my sister. My mother rejects my presence I'm not allowed to ask her questions. She hasn't seen her doctors since my sister took her six months ago. She wants other people to handle her business. I'm afraid she will be taken advantage of. She has nothing but anger for me.
My father is awful to my sister.  Every few days claims she stole something. Which she didn't. I'm the middle man. Threatened to kick her out.
@Yuko Have you considered moving out? I don't know why your father is acting like that, but maybe it's a good start to move out, keep space, and allow all of you to rethink about all these things.
My sister was diagnosed at the age of 62.. very sad because my mom died from dementia at the age of 77 six years ago. We saw the signs two years after my mom passed. Best thing we are bringing my sister back to what's failure to her little at a time. Please, please continue to show love to your family member. It's the sickness, not them.
OMG I am going through the same exact thing.  My sister died last March from cancer.  She was my only sibling.  My mother now is really mean to me.  She has dementia and uncontrollable since my sister's death.
Sorry to tell you but yes, you will face the unpleasant situation. My mother has dementia three years ago. My father’s death made her condition worse. She is mean to me. However, my advice to you, just take her as a kid, a naughty one. It is your time to take care her.