What Can We Know about Acne Scar?

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There are following types of acne scars:
  • Atrophic shallow areas with irregular borders.
  • Boxcar shallow depressions with broad bases, producing rolling scars which have very poorly defined borders.
  • Ice pick-shaped, deep, narrow pitted appearance; sometimes looks like dilated pores.
All people who once had acne may develop acne scars. Acne can develop in various forms, and in some cases, nodules are likely to cause acne scars without proper treatment. To reduce the chance of developing acne scar, you had better consult your doctor and receive suitable treatment the time you find you have acne. The earlier you treat acne, the less likely you are to have scars. You also need to avoid picking or squeezing at acne. Keywords: acne scar; acne scar+; pimple scars