Is Coconut Oil Helpful to Dementia Treatment?

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Not exactly. There are some claims that coconut oil could be a treatment, or even a cure for dementia. However, there is now not enough evidence to support it. In fact, a clinical trial into the potential effects of coconut oil was firstly done in the US. However, sadly this trial had to stop. Because the number of people on the trial was not enough to give convincing results. Without high-quality trials, it is impossible to reach a conclusion. In brief, it is important to ensure that any potential treatment is safe before its widespread use.   Keywords: coconut oil dementia treatment
It does work on more than this article leads one to believe.  Friend is caretaker for 92 year old woman with alzheimer's who is taking a couple of things rx. My friend has started this woman on coconut oil and she has become cognitive to the degree that she has conversations, gets dressed alone, does a little cleaning around her home and has family members now visiting her with this improvement which was noticed at a family get together where the patient was shown  off!  Certainly worth a try.  Many videos on youtube for more anecdotal trials, as it were....