How to Lower High Blood Pressure Effectively?

1 Answer

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Q: I’m 28, male.  I have felt dizzy for 6 days. My blood pressure is 140/100 mmHg, and I cannot lower it. At the same time, my blood test showed that I had hyperlipidemia.  What can I do to lower it? A: First of all, take medication with doctor’s advice. Secondly, change your lifestyle. Hyperlipidemia, or commonly called high cholesterol, is most likely caused by taking high-fat food and lacking exercises. You should try lose weight, reduce salt intake, increase calcium and potassium intake, reduce fat intake. In addition, keep exercising, quit smoking and drinking also helps. In order to lower blood pressure effectively, you must not stop taking medication suddenly. Taking medication is to prevent your organ from being hurt by hypertension.     Related FAQ