Is Vitiligo Contagious?

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Is vitiligo contagious?

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No. Vitiligo is not contagious. It cannot pass from one person to another. However, the exact cause of the condition is still unknown. But it may have some relations with many factors, including of an autoimmune disorder, stress and chemical harm. The most likely cause is a combination of genetic, immunologic, biochemical and neurogenic factors. It is often, though not always, seen in families   Keywords: vitiligo contagious
no, but? it is physio-psychological fear or certain protein could trigger your immune system.  I got it from preparing a fish with fish-spices mixing with bear hands. It has sea salt, coconut and peppers, and some exotic ingredients. The "silky slippery liquids" releases by mixing may have triggered my skin( within a month),  the "paint sprays" that hide the spot in the ceiling, very hard to get rid off, it affected my index finger, then I use the same hand for preparing a fish, a few days later I got this spot.. the   Tacrolimus ointment is working on me, do not stop and keep using it. There are two types of vitiligo, one spread to face and lower body the other's hands to hands ( runs opposites, pairs pattern), lower genital, stomach, few spots, the starting size 2-3 cm size, better control at this stage.