What’s the Best Treatment for Vitiligo? Is It Curable?

1 Answer

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Sorry to say that vitiligo has no cure. But treatment may help to stop or slow the discoloring process and return some color to your skin. In brief, treatment for vitiligo is based on improving the appearance of the skin by restoring its color. However, the effects of treatment aren't usually permanent, and it can't always control the spread of the condition. Specifically speaking, the choices are as the following: Medications
  • Creams that control inflammation.
  • Medications that affect the immune system.
  • Combining psoralen and light therapy.
  • Removing the remaining color (depigmentation).
  • Skin grafting.
  • Blister grafting.
  • Tattooing (micropigmentation).
In addition to these treatments above, home remedies will also do great help. Besides, whenhile you're waiting to see the doctor, limit your sun exposure and use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. In a word, you may work with your doctor and find out the best plan for your own condition.   Keywords: best cure vitiligo, best treatment vitiligo, best vitiligo treatment usa, best vitiligo treatment, cure vitiligo, get rid vitiligo, vitiligo curable, vitiligo cure information, treatment vitiligo, vitiligo skin treatment, vitiligo treatments