How Many Types of Vitiligo?

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There are two main types of vitiligo, a skin disease in which portions of the skin and hair lose their color and appear lighter than the surrounding areas.
  • Segmental vitiligo often begins when someone is young and only affects one part of the body, such as the face or one limb. After growing for about a year, the condition usually stops spreading.
  • Non-segmental vitiligo, the most common type, affects both sides of the body and often begins on the hands or face. It tends to affect people over the course of their lives, covering larger and larger areas of skin.
There are some more types, including:
  • Focal or Areata Vitiligo White patches appear in small number and on various body areas.
  • Acrofacial or Acral Vitiligo The symptom of vitiligo appears in form of losing color of skin on certain places such as face, toes, fingers etc.
  • Vitiligo Univeralis It is considered to the most disturbing type of vitiligo as in this condition, the entire skin area gets depigmented. However, it is not very common.
  • Multichrome Vitiligo It is a threat for those who have dark skin color. Depigmented areas coexist with hypopigmented and with normal skin color.
In fact, in some cases, it keeps on growing in size and affecting the other skin spots. However, it might be a slow process and a proper treatment and care can stop or at lest slower down this process.   Keywords: types vitiligo