What Is ImPACT Concussion Testing?

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Developed by UPMC's concussion experts, the ImPACT and Pediatric ImPACT tools set a baseline for normal functioning brain activities. They're the most effective tools for comparing a person's neurocognitive state before a concussion occurs. The computer-based ImPACT and Pediatric ImPACT tests take about 25 minutes to complete. They look at and record many aspects of an athlete’s neurocognitive state, such as:
  • Verbal and visual memory.
  • Brain processing speed.
  • Reaction time.
The ImPACT and Pediatric ImPACT tests alone do not diagnose a concussion. Experts use these tools:
  • To get baseline data when a player is in a non-concussed or “normal” state.
  • As part of a complete assessment process to manage head injuries more accurately.
UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program neuropsychologists advise baseline concussion testing for children:
  • Ages 12 and under — each year.
  • Ages 13 and older — every two years.
Visit the ImPACT website to learn more: https://impacttest.com/about/ Keyword: impact concussion testing