What Are the Top Migraine Triggers?

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Migraines have a lot of triggers. They include:
  • Stress
  • Foods such as alcohol, aged cheese, and processed meats
  • Caffeine (too much or withdrawal)
  • Weather
  • Menstruation
  • Tension or fatigue
  • Skipped meals
  • Changes in your sleep patterns
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Take medicine for it
Gee, I wonder why the millions of migraine sufferers never thought of 'just taking medicine for it' before your snide comment? Could it POSSIBLY be because Migraine is  recognized as a disease which takes so many different forms, not one migraineur is like another and each one reacts differently to different medications? Further, the intense pain each person experiences WHILE 'just taking medicine for it' --if that medicine doesn't work, is horrible. But you'd have to walk a mile in a migraine sufferer's shoes to know any of this, and I doubt you have the remotest capacity to comprehend. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope you never do - or you'll be back here begging for someone, anyone, for help to relieve the intense pain of a migraine.
As a woman, my menstrual cycle was a huge factor in triggering my earlier migraines, but now that I'm moving on in life--and have a better handle on the frequency--the other factors are worse: food (I avoid all of the known triggers there - which for me includes onions when at all possible since they're in everything, as well as certain cheeses), and can't drink any wine or alcohol without paying for it with a severe migraine. 'Weather related' awful episodes have taken over as my worst trigger, sadly. I've always been able to predict storms --barometric pressure is a sure-fire migraine predictor, now even the mildest rainfall brings on major pain...and since it occurs even when I have no idea it's raining (resting indoors with shades drawn and music on to drown any sound out...) it's clearly real. Excessive heat likewise. Which pretty much rules out moving away from Humid and rainy Long Island to Arizona or Florida  - but then, intense cold is just as bad! Sigh.
I’m so sorry for your suffering. I can relate as a fibromyalgia sufferer. Weather can be a major trigger for me as well as some of your other triggers. You would think living in Southern California I would do better. But we are having more and more excessive heat in the summer, and I end up spending most of it indoors:(