How to Deal With Bleeding after Tonsillectomy?

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One risk of tonsillectomy is bleeding. Dahl, the New York specialist, said that adults, because their tonsils tend to be very infected, can bleed more. A 2014 report found that 1 in 5 adults who had their tonsils taken out had some kind of problems afterward. Bleeding is one. Bleeding can occur during the healing process, particularly if the scab from the wound is dislodged too soon. You may see small specks of dark blood from the nose or in the saliva, but any bright red blood requires a trip to the emergency room for a prompt evaluation and treatment. Surgery to stop bleeding may be necessary. Therefore, keep a close eye on your condition and contact your doctor timely if any problems occur.   Keywords: bleeding after tonsillectomy; post tonsillectomy bleed; post tonsillectomy bleeding; bleeding post tonsillectomy.