What Shall We Know about Pimple Popping?

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You had better not do pimple popping at home. This is very important. When you puncture the pimple, the gunk oozes out. Bacteria in the gunk may land inside other pores and cause more pimples. Pimple popping can also make debris and bacteria deeper into your skin, including bacteria from your finger. A blemish of a pimple can disappear in 3 to 7 days. Therefore, letting a pimple run through its life span is the best choice. If you really want to pop a pimple, you had better leave this job to the pros. Dermatologists and estheticians know how to do it in a safe way. They will help you and tell you the best treatment. Keyword: pimple popping; pimple pop; pimple popper; pimples popping; popping pimple; popping pimples
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If you do pop your own pimples at the very least wash your hands before and after