What Is the Epley Maneuver?

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The Epley maneuver is an exercise to treat benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. It can be done by doctor or by yourself. It is best for a doctor to carry out it if you have not used this way before. If you want to do it at home, you can follow following steps:
  • Sit up in bed with the legs extended in front of them and turn their head 45 degrees to the side that they are experiencing the most dizziness.
  • Lie down, keeping their head turned to the side and lifted at a 30-degree angle away from the bed. They should stay in this position for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, until their dizziness stops.
  • They should then turn their head 90 degrees in the other direction and stop when it is 30 degrees from the bed on the other side. Again, the person should hold this position for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, until their dizziness stops.
  • They should now roll onto their side in the direction their head is facing, holding this position until the dizziness stops.
It is important to know that the Epley maneuver only targets vertigo caused by BPPV. You need to consult your doctor to know the exact cause of your vertigo. Keywords: epley maneuver treat bppv vertigo; epley maneuver vertigo cure; vertigo epley maneuver instructions
Great, but where Is the video that shows us how to do it that’s what I was looking for
Hi. 3 YouTube videos have been uploaded below. Hope they could help.
I need to see the video
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Can you provide me with a Epley maneuvere video?
Hi, Jeryl, you can scroll down the page to watch the Epley maneuver videos provided by Rain.

The Epley maneuver is a series of head movements to relieve symptoms of benign positional vertigo, or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). BPPV occurs when small pieces of bone-like calcium (canaliths) break free and float inside small canals in your inner ear. This sends confusing messages to your brain about your body's position, which causes vertigo.

The Epley maneuver is used to move the canaliths out of the canals so they stop causing symptoms.

To perform the maneuver, your health care provider will:

Turn your head toward the side that causes vertigo.

Quickly lay you down on your back with your head in the same position just off the edge of the table. You will likely feel more intense vertigo symptoms at this point.

Slowly move your head to the opposite side.

Turn your body so that it is in line with your head. You will be lying on your side with your head and body facing to the side.

Sit you upright.

Your provider may need to repeat these steps a few times.