Can Eating Be Effective in Treating My 3H?

1 Answer

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Hello, I am sorry to hear that you have been chosen by those three troubles simultaneously, but don’t be upset. You can totally treat them well by taking your prescribed medication in time and upgrading lifestyle controlling! Diet featuring low-sugar, low-fat and low-salt is highly recommended for you. You need to prepare your meals with a proper total calories and balanced nutrition. Moreover, exercise for 5 days per week and at least 30 minutes per day is beneficial for you. Last but not least, you better strengthen blood sugar monitoring and go to the hospital for reexaming your blood pressure and blood lipids on a regular basis.       Related FAQ:     Tags: diabetes diet meal plan; healthy diet diabetes; diabetes diet plan; diabetes diet food list; diabetes diet foods; diabetes diet menus; diabetes diet plans; sugar diabetes diet; diabetes diet menu; sugar diabetes diet plan; diabetes diet menus; diet heart disease diabetes; diabetes diet food; diabetes diet menu.