Why Is Dementia-free Workout Helpful in Dementia Prevention?

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Introduction Millions of Americans suffer from dementia.As a matter of fact, almost one in 10 people aged 60 and above will be diagnosed as dementia. To our surprise, the reported youngest patient even aged 27! Yet, scientists have proved that it’s likely for you to keep this terrible disease away if you keep your brain active every day! Dementia-Free Brain Workout is designed for the elder people, who have higher risk of getting dementia. The Dementia-Free Brain Workout is committed to preventing elder people from developing dementia. Research shows that keeping one’s mind active by reading, solving puzzles and playing word games, memory training and socially engaged is effective in delaying the onset of dementia and decreasing its effects.   What is dementia? Dementia causes problems of thinking, memory, and reasoning. People with dementia usually have damaged or diseased the parts of the brain used for learning, memory, decision making, and language. The most common symptoms of dementia include:
  • Cognitive changes such as memory loss, communication difficulty, and problem-solving difficulty.
  • Psychological changes such as change of personality, depression, hallucinations, and inappropriate behavior.
  What to expect? Our brain workout is to exercise and rejuvenate your brain in terms of intelligence, comprehension, social skills and limb movement. It will be more effective if you find a partner to play these games with you. There will also be difficult levels for you to choose based on your ability. Here are the 5 great benefits of our games!  
  • Benefit 1:  Improve Memory and Calculation
Memory loss is a very common symptom of dementia and it can get worse if you don’t deal with it. An interesting number training will help to train your memory skills. The best way to prevent dementia, according to experts, is to keep training your memory.  
  • Benefit 2:  Boost Understanding and Speech-Planning
In this part, you will find that we have prepared for you some tongue twisters from easy ones to hard ones! Tongue twisters can provide information on the brain's speech-planning processes. Compete with your partner and make a progress together!  
  • Benefit 3:  Strengthen Reaction and Concentration
People with dementia usually have slow reaction to situations. Sometimes they appear unresponsive. This section is based on the reaction training, which is necessary for you to keep your brain active. Why not take a try and speed up your reaction time?  
  • Benefit 4:  Enhance Memory, Thinking, Attention and Calculation
All-round training comes most challenging and works most effectively! In addition to memory skills, it also exercises your thinking, attention and calculation skills together, which is exactly what dementia prevention mainly aims.  
  • Benefit 5:  Foster Communication and Sociability
If you have played our brain workout everyday with your friends, you will be better at communicating with others and fostering your social skills. In this way, you are able to keep away dementia as well as other common diseases among the elderly.   We will update this 5 mins brain training games every day. Do it with your friends together and keep your brain active. This simple daily activity can prevent you from developing dementia.