Will My Heart Condition Get Better After AFib Ablation?

1 Answer

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Q: I took an atrial fibrillation ablation last month. Yesterday I felt that my heartbeat was not right. My heart beat pretty fast and the abnormal heart rate lasted for about 5 minutes. It seems that my heart condition is not getting better. Am I haunted by AFib again? A: A doctor cannot tell whether an AFib ablation is successful until the patient is under observation for 3 months after it. During the 3 months, symptoms of AFib do not mean that you are still with AFib. The scar in your heart takes 1-3 months to form itself. Only with the complete formation of the scar, can the patient get rid of AFib. During the period, you may find that you have symptoms of AFib and arrhythmia. They are normal reaction of your heart to the ablation. About 20-30% of AFib patients who took the ablation showed these symptoms, and most of them got recovered from it after 3 months. So do not be too worried about it. Continue to take medication as directed and record your symptoms. If you feel that your symptoms are getting worse and that your physical condition is not good, ask your doctor for help.     Related FAQs: http://healthtopquestions.com/what-are-the-risks-of-atrial-fibrillation-ablation/ http://healthtopquestions.com/should-i-take-afib-ablation/ Tags: afib heart condition; atrial fibrillation heart disease; afib heart; heart ablation atrial fibrillation; heart afib; afib heart disease; heart disease atrial fibrillation; heart fibrillation