What Happens When the Diabetic Start Talking and Reacting Slow?

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Sharing from terri : "hello, i am 65, i am a diabetic, hbp etc. i was talking to my roommate a little bit ago, and i felt something wasnt right in the middle of talking, however roomate said i started talking slow, like maybe a down syndrome person and  i said hold on a sec like i was trying to remember what i was saying and after that i was fine, any ideas what all this could be, it doesn't happen often. now i do take 5 mgs of ambien for sleep, amd on depression meds and this has happend aguess about 3 times not all at once but spaced out times. do u think its anything that i should be real concerned about ? i dont go back to my primary dr til july." According to terri, a Cerebrovascular Evaluation is highly recommended and comes in top priority in your to-check-list. If you have the same concerning with terri, you'd better take this evaluation at your earliest convenience, as soon as possible. To some extent, it could be an early warning sign of stroke, one of the diabetes complications. Diabetes and Stroke: What's the Relation? Stroke happens when your brain blood supply doesn't work well. Never underestimate the possible damage which may bring permanent problems related to communication, paralysis and vision. Considering the risk factors, stroke and heart problems have a lot in common.For the diabetics, they are more likely to get the heart disease and stroke than others. It's important to main a good blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol if you are with diabetes for against a stroke. What Are Stroke Symptoms? Pay attention to the FAST when you are worrying about getting a stroke:
  • Face. If your month or eyes on the one side of the face start drooping down.
  • Arms. If you feel hard to hold up your arms.
  • Speech. If you begin to have a slurred speech.
  • Time. If you suffer any symptoms that need urgent action, call 999 immediately.
Other symptoms may include:
  • trouble seeing and double vision
  • dizziness, loss of balance
  • severe headache
  • sudden numbness or weakness on one side of the body
  • confusion
Am I at high risk of having a stroke? You are more likely to have a stroke if you are diabetic. Besides, stay far away from those risks can be helpful:
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood cholesterol
  • Too much alcohol
  • A family history of heart disease or stroke
Preventions 1. Regular exercise and healthy diet Get these two points in your life in not only good for the diabetes management, but also helps you to reduce the risk of stroke, dementia and even dementia.
  • physical activities: 20-30mins each time and 3-4 times per week. Simple walking in the park is very suitable for the elderly.
  • healthy diet: less sugar, less saturated fats, more fresh fruits,vegetables and whole grains.
2. Keep you brain active. The best way to keep your mind active is to get involved in different activities every day. For example, you can learn a new skill, adopt a new hobby or read a new book. 3. Maintain a normal social life You need social activities to stay away from the loneliness, so does your brain. According to research, people who have a good social life also have a better brain health. You can get your brain health by:
  • volunteering
  • joining a club
  • hanging out with the neighbors
  • going to the park
  • playing the social media platforms
4. Manage the stress Never give your brain so much stress, which will bring you chronic damge to your learning and memorization skills. You can take a try with:
  • deep breathing
  • getting quality sleep at night
  • practice yoga or other relaxation activities
  • smile more by reading jokes, watching comedy videos.
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