What Is the Diagnosis and Treatment of Tetanus?

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Your doctor may make a diagnosis of tetanus based on:
  • A physical exam
  • Medical and immunization history
  • The signs and symptoms of muscle spasms, stiffness and pain
Laboratory tests generally aren't helpful for diagnosing tetanus. Treatments of tetanus include:
  • Wound care. Cleaning the wound is essential to preventing growth of tetanus spores. This involves removing dirt, foreign objects and dead tissue from the wound.
  • Medications like antitoxin, antibiotics, vaccine, sedatives and others to ease symptoms.
  • Supportive therapies. Severe tetanus infection often requires a long stay in an intensive care setting.
  • Since sedatives can inhibit breathing, you might temporarily need a ventilator.
does this affect your eye sight at all? like seeing purple/pink splotches?
Yes, it can, since Tetanus is a toxic to brain and nerve system, it can affect vision.