What Are the Symptoms and Risk Factors of Canker Sore?

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Symptoms The most common sores are round or oval with a white or yellow center and a red border. They form inside your mouth — inside your cheeks or lips, on or under your tongue, at the base of your gums, or on your soft palate. There are several types of canker sores, including minor, major and herpetiform sores. The most common are minor canker sores
  • Are usually small
  • Are oval shaped with a red edge
  • Heal without scarring in one to two weeks
Major canker sores are less common and they:
  • Are larger and deeper than minor canker sores
  • Are usually round with defined borders, but may have irregular edges when very large
  • Can be extremely painful
  • May take up to six weeks to heal and can leave extensive scarring
Herpetiform canker sores are uncommon and usually develop later in life, but they're not caused by herpes virus infection. These canker sores:
  • Are pinpoint size
  • Often occur in clusters of 10 to 100 sores, but may merge into one large ulcer
  • Have irregular edges
  • Heal without scarring in one to two weeks
Risk factors
  • teens and young adults
  • females
  • heredity
  • foods or allergens