What Do Your Splitting Nails Say About Your Nail Condition?

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Sharing From Mary Ellen: "Why are my finger nails splitting? I have always had very strong nails and noe they are splitting? I usually have my nails done at a nail salon with gel nail polish! They have always been strong?" Your nails might split when you accidentally scratch the surface of something hard or in some cases, they may just split for no reason without notice. According to Mary, her nails have always been strong and healthy, but they sometimes splitted when unnoticed. For her, regular manicure at nail salon might make her nails fragile and go splitted easily. If this is the case, applying Vitamin E on nails will help nails to grow and repair. However, nail splitting may also indicate some severe nail infection, such as fungal infection. Fungal infection is a unsightly condition of nails which could be difficult to treat. Its early symptoms include nail dryness and nail splitting. Make sure to consult doctors for professional diagnose and get proper treatment as early as possible. Your nail condition will get worse if you left them untreated for a long period of time.   We are sincerely grateful for Paul Scott’s sharing story! We hope all the questions you raised and stories you shared could make a difference to those who are suffering from it. All your kind sharing or questioning is welcomed. Once again, HTQ is always available as long as you need us.