Does Anxiety Cause Stomach Problems?

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Yes, anxiety can lead to stomach problems even though it might sound really strange. In fact, stomach problems caused by anxiety are pretty common. I'd like to show you some common stomach problems caused by anxiety disorders. One of them is irritable bowel syndrome. Patients have chronic abdominal pain, irregular bowel movements. They sometimes experience constipation. But other times they suffer from diarrhea. 40-60% of patients who have the syndrome report anxiety. Then there's indigestion, a very common stomach problem caused by anxiety. This is because anxiety increases the amount of adrenalin one releases and adrenalin changes how the body digests nutrients. When the way of digestion becomes different, people are likely to experience indigestion. But there are ways to control the problems. You should exercise more. This may worsen your problems at first. But as you stick to the habit, you come to get your issues under control. Also, try eat healthy food. Breathing exercises can help as well. When you do it, relax and concentrate on breathing.   Keyword: anxiety stomach problems
Yes unfortunately I’ve diagnosed with GERD stress cause me to have attacks while these happen my body tenses up cause my muscles to push acid into my Throat
Yes, absolutely. A sad person never has good appetitie. My GI doctor said there're many nerves in the stomach, they can see in the GI scopy you had a happy life or not by looking at the nerves in the stomach.