What Is the Best Drug for Anxiety?

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There is no best drug for anxiety. Different drugs work for people with different anxiety disorders. Always ask your doctor for help. There are drugs available when it comes to anxiety management. Benzodiazepine is among them. This drug helps relax your mind and muscles. It's effective to treat generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia, and panic disorder. But this drug has side effects. It leads to memory and balance problems. So it's only used for short-term treatment. Another drug is buspirone. It can be used to treat both chronic anxiety disorders and short-term ones. Buspirone has side effects like vomiting and headaches. Antidepressants are also helpful. However, effects only become noticeable after 4-6 weeks. Their types include SSRIs, tricyclics, and MAOIs. Your doctor may also give you beta-blockers to manage anxiety symptoms, especially in social phobia.   Keywords: best anxiety meds; best drug anxiety
Both of those work wonders on those who need them. Ativan works well also and it won’t make you as loopy as the others can.  I am saddened by the misuse of Xanax because people abusing the medication makes it hard for the meds to get to those that truly need them because Drs will begin to stop prescribing them to avoid litigation. Just making us who truly need it left in limbo
Alprazolam, regardless of it's demonization
Xanax or Clonazepam are the best. Hydroxizine is not worth taking , it’s nothing more than Benedryl
Hydroxyzine is a good, cheap, and non addictive as needed anxiety medication that I take. It goes by different names.  When I was in the hospital they were taking people off of benzo's who were highly addicted two stays ago. If you start a benzo you can't just stop it. Also Xanax is highly addictive as well.

Over the counter you can purchase powdered magnesium which works extremely well, provided that you don't take it every day. It's pretty much instant relief.
Also Benzo’s can be addictive but they are schedule 4 which is the least likely category to be addictive/abused. I’ve quit taking bento several times, you can wean of in as Little as 5 days
Benzo's are addictive & my new psychiatrist wants to ween me off of the Clonazepam I'm currently on, when he gets my anxiety under control. He said, you have to go slow when weening of Benzo's. My family doctor put me on Clonazepam 4 yrs. ago 0.5mg twice a day morning & before bed time & it helped a lot then.  After awhile, I went down to taking one at bedtime & did good without any problem, until June of this year when I have a health problem & it stirred my anxiety up & now I'm seeing a psychiatrist to help with my medicine & I see a therapist to talk to & doing everything to get rid of the anxiety & have peace & calmness! I been praying to God a lot! It's horrible to be anxious & you don't feel normal. I'm now on Lexapro 10mg 1 time a day & been on it over 3 weeks & was told it can take up to 6 weeks before you notice a difference & working. Praying it works & prayers to those who posted here.❤️
I was on Xanax for 14yrs and it had gotten to where it was no longer working. I went off it too quickly and had withdrawals  and seizures. I miss the Xanax but they wont prescribe it for me now....
Barb, I read & talked to others about medicine not working if you been on it awhile for anxiety & depression. I bet that was scary for you when you had a seizure & withdrawls. A lot of doctors wrote prescriptions for benozpines back in the day & now they won't. I don't want to be on the clonazepam anymore & need to wait until my doctor gets my current anxiety under control & stable before weaning me off of it. Hope you're doing well & prayers!