What Are the Best Meds for Anxiety and Depression?

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There is no such thing as best meds for anxiety and depression. Different drugs work for different individuals. Always consult your doctor before using medication. People use anti-anxiety meds or anti-depressants to treat anxiety and depression. Anti-anxiety meds such as Xanax are for short-term treatment. They are very effective, but they cause addiction. Some believe that anti-depressants produce little effects. But advertising says they work well. So people think they work. SSRIs such as Lexapro, Zoloft, and Paxil are for both disorders. SNRIs like Cymbalta, Effexor XR are effective for depression. Their effects show within 4 weeks of starting to take the medicine.   Keyword: best meds anxiety depression
I have been on a antidepressant for many years and I felt like I had no feelings like I just went through life like a  robot with a phony smile on my face.  I didn't truly love, laugh,  or really smile fully.  I neither felt joy nor sadness.  I wasted many years not experiencing the full emotions of life.  I started taking meds after my mmom died just after I turned 25. My father had suicided when I was a child. I believe it is supposed to have been a short term thing but psychiatry is a big money making businesses and I feel like I was kept in the system and I really didn't need to be. I think it is true for many people. I took myself off of Effexor and I have been doing fine I think that it actually was making me worse aalong with other antidepressants I worked as an RN.in psych for many years and I think it is a big farce.  Bring them in like sheep go through the motions and send them out and nothing is ever resolved and we wonder why we had so many frequent flyers.
Thanks for this..I, too, felt the same on Effexor for years..I am struggling with anxiety, though, every med is different for every person..I was advised to have some genetic tests done to find the most beneficial med for me..I'm hesitant.  Plus finding a truly understanding MD,therapist is also a difficult search.
I don’t think there is a genetic test for depression, sorry. But tracing family history of mental illness may help you get a better idea of what may develop. My grandmothers and many of my aunts have anxiety issues, my dad and grandfather had depression, one cousin has BPD and I've recently been diagnosed BD II. Sometimes one mental illness predisposes a person to another. You should first make it clear what is the cause of your depression.
I actually did the test you speak of they simply swab your mouth and it comes back to its a list from psychological to depression and green yellow and red means that the meds either work well somewhat or bad effects I think it’s worth it . I’d give it a try !
I take valium 2× per day at first it made me a little sleepy. After 2 months of taking as prescribed the sleepiness went away & I feel more like myself again.