What Can I Do to Control Anxiety Attacks?

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What can I do to help control anxiety attacks?

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Apart from medication and therapy, there are things you can do to help manage and control anxiety attacks. Try them next time you have an attack. One reason that you have anxiety attack is that you're fearful of it. Once you stop scaring yourself, you'll be less likely to have anxiety attacks. So think positively and give yourself encouragement. In fact, if you want to stop your fear, you should know anxiety attacks very well, for example, how they work and what cause them. Take some time to learn about them. Relaxing your body can help as well. It reduces stress hormones in the body. You may also try distracting yourself. Get busy with things like exercising or talking to a friend. Then, you'll get too busy to think about your anxiety, thus preventing voluntary anxiety attacks.   Keyword: can help anxiety attacks