What Are Some Obvious Signs of Arthritis?

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Sharing from Dianne Otwell: "I just developed a lump in the palm of my hand that is pretty much in line with my middle finger. It is deep and somewhat sore. I don’t know what specialty of MD to consult. I have had a similar lump that comes and goes and moves about my thumb joint on the same hand. I think both must be some form of cyst, but would like to be sure. I don’t know if this is related, but a few weeks ago, my little finger on this hand got sore and is now “frozen” in partially bent position. I guess that is arthritis, but wonder if this is related to the lumps. I wonder if there is anything to do to prevent its getting worse. I cannot take NSAIDs orally, but an NSAID gel does seem to help the pain." Arthritis mentioned here is a kind of disorder that affects joints. Its symptoms can occur suddenly or gradually. Symptoms of arthritis usually include joint pain and stiffness, which could become worse as the age grows. Sometimes there will be other symptoms, including swelling, redness and loss of motion. Here, in Dianne's case, lump in the palm of her hand and at her thumb joint on the same hand might indicate arthritis. Because she feels very sore and even motionless, which are some of the symptoms of arthritis. However, it is crucial for you to go to doctors or dermatologist first to have it accurately diagnosed and then properly treated according to your conditions.   We are sincerely grateful for Dianne Otwell’s sharing story! We hope all the questions you raised and stories you shared could make a difference to those who are suffering from it.  All your kind sharing or questioning is welcomed.  Once again, HTQ is always available as long as you need us.