How Do I Overcome Social Anxiety?

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People with social anxiety are really having a hard time. It interferes with one's daily activities. But the good news is that there are ways to cope with it. You may first try a workbook that tells people how to manage the problem. If that doesn't help, seek professional help. Finding an anxiety therapist is a good idea. You can also try an exposure hierarchy. Write down 10 things that make you anxious and rank them based on severity of anxiety they cause. Start from the easiest one and finish all 10 tasks. Remember to have a rational outlook. Don't underestimate your ability and scare yourself or think too highly of yourself. Keyword: do i overcome social anxiety
I put anxiety but AUTOCORRECT
I think I have social anxiety cuz I always find it hard to call people... Anybody the same?
Hand up here! I'm afraid of meeting people, if I can call, I don't meet, If I can text a message, I don't call. Been on this for 20 years, haven't fixed it. However, occasionally when I'm in a good relationship, I feel more willing to contact people.
Yes!! SAME HERE!! I was always willing to talk with people — even strangers when I was cheered up by my friends, and felt repelled inside when I was back to normal.
Same here by myself I get all tongue tied I can't say what I have on my mind to say in person!!! Few minutes later I'm like why didn't I say this or that??!! Then I think what is wrong with me???
been like that my whole life as well but i'm a lot younger i'm only a freshman but my social anxiety disorder ruined my relationship so my girlfriend broke up with me a year ago and i can't bring myself to tell the girl i love how i feel(especially since she's dating my best friend and probably doesn't feel the same way)honestly shocked i was able to even bring myself to say all this on here because very few people know this about me
been asking myself the same question for a long time and i'm sorry to say that i don't know because i can't meet new people but at the same time i can't be alone when it comes to my case
I have an idea for you!! Trust me. So if you have social anxiety try and find a therapist. If that doesn't work try to email the person and tell them why you have it. They will understand and help and support you. Hope you get help soon.
Well talk to someone. If that doesnt help try and address the person you want to talk to over email. Have them understand more what your condition is.
hey y'all it's me again and things are continuing to get worse even after talking to a counselor for a number of days sure my blue collar side helps me with some fears but i still just can't meet new people yet i hate being alone so it's starting to destroy my sanity and i still don't know what to do some nights i cry myself to sleep upset with myself and tend to overdose every few days and now my physical health is getting worse and some night i lay awake at night trying to think of an answer for the reason i am the way i am and the conclusion i came to was i'm not meant to be on this world so just wanted some people to know my farewells if i go to sleep tonight and don't wake up i appreciate everybodys advice and i am happy to see people are trying