Can Hormone Cause Anxiety Disorders?

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It is true that hormone problems can cause anxiety disorders. It's also true that anxiety disorders can lead to problems in hormone. If you are experiencing anxiety disorders, have tried all kinds of treatments, but don't see improvement, then your anxiety can be caused by hormonal imbalance. When people's body struggles to function, anxiety can occur. The former can be the result of hormone problems. That's why hormone problems may cause anxiety. So you should have a healthy lifestyle by doing more exercise and getting enough nutrition. This will help with your hormone and make sure your body functions normally.   Keyword: hormones anxiety
Hi, I have had generalized anxiety all of my life however, I have noticed that right before my menstrual cycle begins it is worse. I am on two meds for my anxiety Duloxitine and  Wellbutrin. I also have an enlarged Thyroid with multiple nodules on it and Anemia. Is there anything that I can do to help ease this? I am concerned that it maybe hormonal and thyroid related.
Hi, thank you for your question. You state that you think the disorders might be related to the thyroid abnormalities. A critical question is what is your thyroid function? Do you have hyperthyroidism? This can be confirmed by a simple blood test.

Menstrual cycles have been related to many disease processes. It is no wonder that it is related to your generalized anxiety disorder.