What Are the Signs of Anxiety in Kids?

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About 25% of children between 13 to 18 experience anxiety disorders. Left untreated, anxiety can cause many problems at home and school. So you should know the signs and seek medical help for your kid soon if you think your kid have it. Signs of anxiety in kids can be different based on what type of anxiety disorder the kid has. But there are general signs. They include fatigue, excess worry, muscle tension, poor concentration, restlessness and irritability. The types of anxiety a kid may have include separation anxiety disorder, simple phobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Separation anxiety disorder only occurs in children under 18. A kid living with it experience strong worry when separated from someone the kid feels very close to. The average onset of simple phobia is 8 years old. And 2-3% children have OCD.   Keyword: signs anxiety kids