How To Treat Anemia?

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Different causes of anemia correspond with different treatments. Therefore, correctly diagnosing what type of anemia you have is very important before treating it. Here is a list of the different treatments of anemia:
  • Iron deficiency anemia
Treatment for this form of anemia usually involves taking iron supplements and making changes to your diet.  
  • Vitamin deficiency anemias. Treatment for folic acid and B-12 deficiency involves dietary supplements and increasing these nutrients in your diet.
  • Aplastic anemia.
Treatment for this anemia may include blood transfusions to boost levels of red blood cells.
  • Sickle cell anemia.
Treatment for this anemia may include the administration of oxygen, pain-relieving drugs, and oral and intravenous fluids to reduce pain and prevent complications.
  • Thalassemia.
This anemia may be treated with blood transfusions, folic acid supplements, medication, removal of the spleen (splenectomy), or a blood and bone marrow stem cell transplant. key words: anemia treatment, anemia treatment home  
Is there a difference in the b12 n folic asid from cats n people
Probably not much difference. There is, however, a difference between B12 deficiency and folic acid deficiency in humans. Although both conditions could cause anemia, B12 vitamin deficiency could also cause peripheral neuropathy, presenting unsteady gait or some other neuropathies.
my wife was advised not to take b12  or folic acid because her platelets were high,she has bad neuropathy in her hands.nerve testing revealed nothing.She fell and sprained both wrists 2yrs ago;20 yrs ago she took a fall and hurt her back injuring her L4 and L5,T1andT2.I would like her to be able to take the supplements.Myself;I take lecithin which seems to be helping  the severe neuropathy I have in my legs from a back injury.
Has she been diagnosed with anemia because of deficiency of B12 or follic acid? Does she have other problems? Although B12 is an important factor for platelet function, taking B12 is not contradiction of high platelets. You can monitor the platelets level and hemoglobin levels closely.