Narcolepsy Quiz: Do I Have Narcolepsy?

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These messages are for mutual support and information sharing only. Always consult your doctor before trying anything you read here.
If you experience excessive daytime sleepiness that disrupts your personal or professional life, the following questions may help you to identify narcolepsy:
  • If you are angry, laughing, or excited, will your muscles go limp?
  • Do you fall asleep at work or at school?
  • Have you ever had work accidents because you are tired?
  • Have you ever had to pull off the road to nap?
  • Have you had an accident from falling asleep while driving?
  • Can you focus or concentrate?
  • Do you have vivid dreams as you fall asleep?
  • Do you have vivid dreams as you wake up?
  • Do you fall asleep during movies or at parties?
  • Do you feel paralyzed in bed sometimes?
  • Do you have daytime sleep attacks and must lie down?
You may have narcolepsy if you answer most of the questions with "yes." We recommend you to consult your doctor as soon as possible. Keywords: do i have narcolepsy; do i have narcolepsy quiz; narcolepsy quiz; narcolepsy quiz online; narcolepsy symptoms quiz
I am 65 yo.  I feel awful when I wake up in the mornings. It takes me a while to function, then I don't last very long.  I usually want to go back to sleep soon after I get up. I feel I get a good night sleep most of the time.
The symptoms do not seem to be consistent with typical nacrolepsy. Do you have any other symptoms? Have you seen a doctor?
I often feel exactly the same way as J Rowell described. Often do not have energy during the day to accomplish simplest task.
Do you feel the same at night? Any other symptoms? My husband was like this the whole day, he often found it hard to get ready mentally to get up, he said he just didn't feel ready to do things. we saw a doctor and was told it's depression.
That sounds like depression, your husband's case. I had a few years when I strugged with depression, and that's exactly how I feel. No willing for anything. What helped me is gym exercises.
I feel like this every day my rhuemtogist told me since he thinks I have insomnia but he don't know I get like this some times the other night I couldn't move for like 10 minutes and it scared me this has never happened to me before so I was still half asleep so I layed there till I was able to fully wake up and this happened when I had just fallen asleep in the night be for some reason my body don't like going into a deep sleep but I also just got dognised with firbimylagia so who knows what its from I don't but even the days I'm in little pain I still wake up fogged all dam day even if I've slept really good and even if I don't have much of a pain day I still wake up fribo fogged and memery problems every dam day yes I've had an mri done of my brain my neurologist said it looked fine I still think something else is wrong becuse every day I wake up happy and I get dizzy feel like I'm going to faint bit don't I get plrntyvof sleep still wake up with firbo fog and memery issues and now my doctors keep pushing me away so I will never ever find out living my life in hell with fog and memery issues and my fibro pains are not even that bad for me to be like this all day and I have no pains at night either
I think it's a physical (as in contrast with mental) condition, as many mental health conditions will make you unable to feel happy, and you will suffer insomnia to various degrees, both of which do not fit your case. You sleep well, you feel good, but you just wake up with brain fog and memory issues. That's fortunate enough.
It seems to like a hypokalemia-caused muscle weakness. Have you eaten a full diet or drunk beverages or exercised heavily before sleeping? Also, have you checked your thyroid to exclude the possibility of a Grave’s disease?
Brain dead
My husband goes to bed around 10 PM and gets up about 12 or 1 .Then he does all day.He has tried sleeping pills but they don't help him.
Does he have any primary disease? Has he seen a doctor? Can you tell me what sleeping pill was used? There are some new sleeping pills on the market that are more potent with less side effects, such as zolpidem. Your husband needs to see a doctor to get proper treatment.