How Can I Relieve Rhomboid Muscle Pain?

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Sharing from Bobby Atkins: “I had a stroke [on] 12/13/2008. In 3/12/2009 I started having significant pain in my Right Rhomboid and have no relief. I have had FFA, medial nerve block, trigger point injections. I have been prescribed Morphine tabs and Norfolk with no results. I am at the end of the road with pain." Rhomboid muscle pain is a common symptom of upper back problems. There are two rhomboid muscles in the back. Both muscles are skeletal muscles, which means they connect to bones and are under voluntary control most of the time. There are many different reasons you might be suffering from rhomboid muscle pain such as overuse of the shoulders, too much overhead exercise, or chronic stress. There are several ways to treat rhomboid muscle pain:
  • Take some rest. You should give maximum rest to the back.
  • Use ice pack. Wrap up some crushed pieces of ice in a plastic bag and apply it to the upper back.
  • Heat therapy. You can apply heat in the area for half an hour.
  • Medication. Anti-inflammatory medicines can be taken for a short time after consulting the doctor.
  • Physical therapy or massage. Massage therapy is found highly beneficial for rhomboid pain.
  • Functional exercise. This will improve the strength and flexibility of the muscles.
  • Acupuncture. If you can find a qualified practitioner, acupuncture can be a way to help relieve the pain.
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