How Do I Dissolve Gallstones?

2 Answers

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In order to dissolve gallstones, you may pursue some non-surgical treatments or try alternative remedies. Here are more details: Non-surgical treatments include:
  • Oral dissolution therapy. Your doctor usually gives you ursodiol. This treatment is essentially bile acids in pill form. It's popular because it's among the safest drugs doctors may prescribe.
  • Shock wave therapy. It uses sound waves to blast gallstones into small pieces. But it's rarely performed now as laparoscopic surgery is so readily available.
Alternative remedies include:
  • Plant terpenes. They seem to increase bile production by the liver so that the formation of stones can be controlled.
  • A gallbladder flush. It involves consumption of olive oil and lemon juice among other things. Although there's no scientific evidence showing that it's effective, some anecdotal reports of success do exist.
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