What Is Progression Timeline for ALS?

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Relatively short. Studies have suggested that this incurable and devastating condition can result in death within 3-5 years, and, although initially, there is weakness, muscle atrophy, and muscle flickering, later, the disease develops inability to swallow and breathe, which is the eventual problem that leads to death. Make an appointment to see your doctor if you have persistent problems with stiffness or weakness in your legs. Keyword: progression als timeline
3 to 5 years? Only because it takes 4 years to diagnose. Just 10 yeas ago, ALS took 5 to 10 years until death. What has ALS gotten Worse? No- Doctors are taking longer to diagnose it because of so many misdiagnoses in the past. There're so many other diseases like Lyme that mimic ALS. They are afraid of making a mistake so they drag the patient along into this so called "ONLY TIME WILL TELL"phase.
Aren’t there different types of ALS-some progressing faster than others? And there is no definitive test to do- it’s an elimination dx and that takes time. There have been breakthroughs in the last few years though not fast enough for those displaying sxs now.