Dementia Prevention Workout— Day 22 ( 7th, July )

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These messages are for mutual support and information sharing only. Always consult your doctor before trying anything you read here.

Level    :  Beginner Round :  22

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Hello!Our brilliant players, are you ready? Just a reminder, only those who strictly follow the time setting get the shining badges and more active brain !

First of all,  I would like to warmly welcome all our new friends! Trust me, you will enjoy our 5 min here.

You know what?  Special audio is attached from now on! Don't hesitate to invite all your neighbours and friends to check out our latest game! Any new ideas or comments are welcomed!

Wanna the coolest brain? Let's make it!

Part  I:  Can  You  Read  Me?

  • Repeat  me  again  like  this: In this game, you will hear four sets of numbers at normal speed, and repeat them in an opposite order within 10 sec.[playlist tracklist="false" images="false" artists="false" ids="20277,20278,20279,20281,20280"]










Part  II:  What  Is  the  Answer?

Read 2 following sets of calculations at normal speed and answer it in the end within 10 sec. [playlist images="false" artists="false" tracklist="false" ids="20288,20289,20290"]













【 3,0 】


Part  III:  Are  You  an  Actor?

  • Clap or Stompfind a partner first. Then, you will hear different words every 2 sec, if the word you hear only have  6  letters, clap!  If not, stomp! [playlist tracklist="false" artists="false" ids="20293,20294,20295,20296"]  

health,   bread,    football,   candy,   singer,

teacher,   fireman,   short,   tax,   ruler,

apple,   sun,   blueberry,   writer,   water.


[ health, singer, writer ]


Part  IV:  I  Am  Not  Old!

  • Repetition
In this part, your partner will speak a sentence from short to long. Repeat the sentence you heard accurately and quickly. Let’s see who finishes with the shortest time! [playlist tracklist="false" images="false" artists="false" ids="20268,20269,20270,20271"]

Tike left his bike at Spike's.

Little Tike left his white bike at Spike's.

Little Mike left his yellow bike like Tike at Spike's.

Little Mike left his yellow bike like Tike left his white bike at Spike's.

Little Mike left his yellow bike like Tike left his white bike at Spike's little bike shop.

  [audio m4a=""][/audio]

Hope you have fun and see your guys tomorrow!