Any Information about Beltone Hearing Aids?

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Is There Any Information about Beltone Hearing Aids?

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Beltone is a hearing technology company founded in 1940. It provides numerous styles of hearing aids:
  • Invisible-in-canal;
  • Completely-in-canal;
  • Mic-in-helix;
  • In-the-canal;
  • In-the-ear;
  • Receiver-in-ear;
  • Behind-the-ear.
Moreover, you can also find other accessories for its hearing aids, including wireless accessories, rechargeable hearing aid battery, hearing aid cleaning supplies, etc. If you are interested in more information, you can visit its website: Key words: Beltone hearing aids
Are these MRI Safe?
Typically you will be asked to remove hearing aids before you have an MRI for safety. It is not known exactly if Beltone Hearing Aids are MRI safe. To get personal assistance, you may need to visit your local hearing care professional. You can call 1-866-521-7164 to consult or schedule an appointment. Unless the device you have is certified as MRI safe, you might not be able to have an MRI.

Recipients of the current generations of Cochlear Nucleus Implants and Cochlear Baha Implants may get an MRI, but conditions differ depending on the type of implant you have. For current MRI labeling information, you can call 1-866-477-0907.