Can You Share with Me the Best Eye Makeup Tips?

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Eyes are regared as the window of one's soul, so eyes makeup is very important. In order to better makeup for your eyes, you need to protect them first. And you should depend on your real situation to choose the best eyes makeup tips. There are some tips which will help you with your beautiful eyes:
  • Use eyes cream:Remember to keep your eyes cream in the cold circumstance.
  • Keep enough sleep:To make your eye bright and reduce redness and tearing.
  • Use cover up for dark circles:Do not overuse it.
  • Use shimmer: To add texture to your eye makeup and make your eyes bright.
  • Use medium color if you wear glasses:To make eyes look fresh and bright.
  • Blending the basic brown with neutrals ones:To make bright eyes like those on the magazine.
  • Make the most of your natural eye color:Deep navy and other blues make blue eyes brighter. Purple shadows and liners make green eyes more beautiful.Neutrals with red and brown undertones make brown eyes darker.
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