What Is the Latest Treatment for AFib?

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Q: I have atrial fibrillation and plan to take an ablation. Which type of ablation is safer? What is the latest treatment for AFib? A: AFib is one of the most common types of heart disease. If drugs do not work well in the treatment, patients should turn to AFib ablation, which is also known as catheter ablation. In catheter ablation, the surgeon makes a scar in your heart. The scar tissue can be created with radiofrequency waves, microwaves, lasers and cryothermy (this freezes tissue). The most widespread method of ablation is that with radiofrequency waves. It is pretty safe, for there are many medical examples and references. Cryoablation is a new method in AFib treatment. It has several obvious advantages. Like radiofrequency ablation, it is very safe. And the rate of success is quite high. Damage to the heart because of its beat during the procedure can be avoided by cryotherapy. The time cryoablation takes is shorter than radiofrequency ablation. Generally it helps to reduce the time of procedure by about 30%. Besides, patients feel less pain in cryoablation, for people are more sensitive to the pain caused by heat than that caused by coldness.     Related FAQs: http://healthtopquestions.com/?p=369 http://healthtopquestions.com/?p=264 Tags: latest treatment afib; treatments atrial fibrillation; fib treatment; treatment atrial fib; atrial fibrillation new treatment; heart afib treatment; fib treatments; new treatment atrial fibrillation; afib new treatment; atrial fib treatment; treatment afib heart