How Do I Stop Acid Reflux Coughing?

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In fact, there are a variety of natural remedies for acid reflux coughing. You could try them before you use medication. Here are things you may try:
  • Avoid fried foods, alcohol, chocolate, spicy foods, processed foods and citrus fruits.
  • Eat foods high in fiber such as beans, lentils, and vegetables.
  • Use prebiotics and phenolic compounds that can improve the digestive health.
Of course, it's better that you ask your doctor for help first once you think you have acid reflux.   Keyword: stop acid reflux coughing
Done all of that and use 4 different inhalers I cough all day and night. Looking for help to make it stop
I do the same it is unbearable I don't even want to leave the house one thing that does work on fortunately are Norcos and the first thing in a pain pill if you look it up it says for severe coughing
Coughing is a natural reaction of human body to get rid of irritants. The treatment of cough is not to surppress, but to clear the irritants. How do you know the cough is caused by acid reflux? When the cough is unbearable there's something wrong with the trachea at least.
I was told acid reflux causing my constant cough,I was coughing constantly,I had throat scope and was told reflux causing cough,was given Omaprazale and gavescon,I have to take one impressive daily for 3 months.I'm only on Thurs day of in morning .I was a bit sceptical but I honestly can say it's really helped calm cough down.I'm glad as I was coughing most of the days prior to this constantly,it was exhausting.perhaps this will be helpful to those with constant cough.
Thanks for sharing.
I had a chronic cough for years -  I was told it was a result of Gerd.  I took omeprazole for years only to find out one of the major side effects is dementia. So I replaced the medication with natural digestive enzymes - two after each meal. (I purchase at GNC) This slowed things down a bit but I have now cut dairy out of my diet along with processed foods. I try to eat clean that is fresh fruits vegetables and protein. I still have an occasional pizza or pieces of cheese at a partyWith no problems I dine out quite frequently so you don’t always know what you’re getting in a restaurant so  when I’m home I cook as I mentioned above -  I do cook clean.  I also eat fresh pineapple In my smoothie every day as that is supposed to be a cough deterrent. And lastly I take two NAC tablets daily which I buy at my local GNC as my doctor told me is used for respiratory health in Europe- (not sure why not here).   I am cough FREE  - finally after at least 5 to 7 years. Not sure if all the above is what is helping me or just certain things but I’m telling you what has worked for me.
How do I stop Acid Reflux coughing?
The recommended therapy is a three month trial of a proton pump inhibitor (eg: omeprazole) as this class of medications has been shown to be most effective in the treatment of GERD.