Bipolar Disorder: Can It Be Cured?

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There's no cure to Bipolar disorder, but treatments are available. Treatments for bipolar disorder include medication, therapy, among other approaches. Consult your doctor for the best combination. Treatment options:

  • Medication. Bipolar disorder can be treated with 3 types of drugs: antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, and antidepressants (effectiveness and safety are controversial). Lithium carbonate and valproic acid are the most widely used medicines. Doctors usually suggest at least one mood-stabilizing drug and/or atypical antipsychotic plus psychotherapy.
  • Psychotherapy. Medication is important, but treatment proves much more effective when you add psychotherapy. Types of psychotherapy include cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal/social rhythm therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.
  • Other approaches. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is used to treat severely manic or depressed patients and those who don't respond to medication or pregnant women who experience symptoms. This approach is safe and highly effective. Another approach is VNS (Vagus or Vagal Nerve Stimulation). It involves implantation of a device that sends electrical signals to the vagus nerve in order to treat depression.

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Extremely misleading with your lead off answer!! You answer with.." Yes", when in fact your answer is just treatment, NOT a CURE! There is NOT a CURE for Bipolar, and for those of us who suffer from this disorder, that are searching for ANYTHING that would relieve us of our symptoms, we are going to jump at it. So, shame on you. Your information for treatment is good however, it's just that....TREATMENT! It's something that's life long.I know, I have Bipolar.
There is new info out there that changing the way you eat for example following the Paleo diet or a Vegan diet can greatly improve mental health
because it reduces Neuro inflamation allowing the brain to function properly which lessens the symptoms of mental illness in some patients. They say that it can cure some patients.
I will agree with you, Ms. Taylor. I'm a huge fan of gut health and I believe a healthy gut reduces inflammation in brain and other body organs. So always take enough fiber, fruits, green leafies, and probiotics.
While I agree that a healthy diet and good habits, i.e. sleep, exercise, etc.can help with MANY things mentally and physically. They are in NO way a "cure" and DO NOT work the same for EVERY PERSON. We may all suffer from the same condition of assure you it effects each person a little differently just as different foods, types of exercise, etc. work differently for EVERY PERSON with or without Bipolar. I along with a few family members of mine have Bipolar we have each tried MANY approaches to ending the symptoms of Bipolar all unsuccessful thus far.

TREATMENT is great but NOTHING can END Bipolar.
I agee with Marie. King's response that there is a cure for bipolar disorder is inaccurate. So far, science says no.  While it's great to entertain new ways to treat it with diet and other means (which i will add to my toolbox for treatment), too often people are looking for an easy answer to a challenging disorder. I work hard everyday to stay healthy. There are a lot of people strongly opposed to medication which is sad since  I've never met anyone with BP1 disorder who functions as well as people who have consistently been efectivrly treated with medication, including me. After treatment, I went 20 years without a serious or debilitating episode. I know many who say no to meds, but are instead addicted to alcohol and street drugs which clearly leads to a bleaker prognosis. Maybe this is less true for people with the less severe BP2. For those who are struggling and suffering, keep an open mind to meds. Carefully choose a good psychiatrist. Quality care may require some shopping. Good luck!
I have lived with bipolar disorder for more than half of my life. It CAN NOT be cured. It can be treated but your article is deceptive. It can not be cured
Exactly, people without bipolar have no idea what we go through.
There is no cure