Hold On! Check 7 Heart-Beneficial Tips Before Getting Shovel Against Snow!

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Can shoveling snow be a matter of life and death? The answer is yes. According to the records from the National Hospital of the United States, there is a total of 1,647 people died of heart-related injuries in shoveling snow from 1990 to 2006.   What happens to our heart when shoveling snow? In fact, shoveling snow is exactly a labor-intensive task because people use their arms more than shin. Studies have shown that the rise in a young man’s heart rate and blood pressure when shoveling snow is more than related increase in treadmill exercise. Moreover, people are faced with cold air when shoveling snow, leading to arterial constriction and reduced blood supply, which can easily trigger heart disease. In addition, the shoveling time usually ranges from 6 am to 10 am, which happens to be a dangerous time period for heart disease. So please take a look at the following 7 tips from American Heart Association (AHA), which are beneficial to your heart when shoveling snow.In general, most people do not have to worry about the health risks of shoveling snow, but for some specific people, they are at higher risk of heart disorders.Therefore, in order to protect your heart, bear the following suggestions in mind when shoveling snow.
  • Consult a doctor in advance. You’d better consult your doctor before shoveling if you have inferior exercise, abnormal body and age in the middle stage.
  • Do not have dinner before and after shoveling. Otherwise it will add extra load to your heart.
  • Avoid alcohol before and after shoveling. Your body temperature will rise after alcohol intake, which makes you underestimate how cold it is outside, in turn bringing more pressure to your cold resistance.
  • Try to use smaller tools. Shoveling bit by bit is much safer. if you put too much snow in your shovel at one time, your blood pressure will increase. If possible, just try your best to push the tools and minimize lifting the shovel.
  • Take care to rest. Enough rests are necessary when shoveling snow. Never put too much stress on your heart, and be sensitive to your body’s feeling.
  • Learn the warning signs of heart attacks in advance.Do not ignore your body's "distress signal." If you are not sure whether it is a heart attack, timely inspection is a good choice. Get your phone handy and call immediately if there is any sign of a heart attack.
  • Be cautious of hypothermia. Most hypothermia can develop into heart failure. Several layers of warm clothing is helpful to prevent hypothermia as the air between the layers forms a protective insulation. Besides, wearing a hat is also protective because most of the heat of body dissipate through the head.
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