How Can I Get Free Sleep Apnea Machines?

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In the treatment of sleep apnea, the main goal is to keep patients’ airway open. Many assistant machines can help reach that goal. The machines proved effective, but a little bit expensive.

If you can’t afford the machines, you can try some homemade devices that may be helpful.

Tennis ball Tying a tennis ball across your waist can help you sleep on side at night. Straps You can use simple straps to keep your mouth closed, which can help stop snoring. Foam wedge Replacing your soft pillows with something harder like foam wedge will prevent you chin moving towards the chest. Elevate the head of your bed You can raise the head of your bed to help stop snoring. Didgeridoo According to a British report, playing the Didgeridoo will ease the symptoms of sleep apnea. If you think you have sleep apnea and feel really bad, please talk to your doctor for more advice. Keywords: free sleep apnea machine