Does the Inspire Sleep Apnea Device Have Side Effects?

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The inspire sleep apnea device is an implanted device that can monitor your breathing pattern and stimulate your nerves to keep your airway open.

Inspire sleep apnea devices indeed have some side effects, the common adverse events reported as follows:

  • concomitant device interaction.
  • local tissue damage.
  • pocket erosion.
  • implant site infection.
  • swelling.
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I have a Inspire implant and I am having new and additional sleep issues. Where can I get more information on my side effects?
Sorry that you’ve got additional sleeping problems. But bear in mind that it may take some time for the implant to function the best way. You can utilize the normal REM cycle which is less bulky and helps in managing sleeping schedules. If your problems don’t improve by applying REM cycle, you should contact your doctor ASAP! Or you can go check it out here: It’s a forum where you can find similar discussions on your side effects. Good luck!