What Are Signs for Depression?

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Depression symptoms vary from person to person, but there are some common signs and symptoms. Now let's have a brief look. Symptoms include:
  • Helplessness and hopelessness. You think that there's nothing you can do to improve your situation.
  • Changes in appetite and weight. A change of more than 5% of body weight in a month is an important sign.
  • Loss of interest. Things that made you happy no longer seem fun to you.
  • Irritability. You feel that even a minor problem can make you angry.
  • Self-loathing. Every time you make a mistake, you criticize yourself harshly.
  • Unexplained pains. You start to have headaches, stomachaches, back pain, and aching muscles for no reason.
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First you have to forgive yourself and in asking God to forgive you, know that he already has ! It's just you now who can't move forward because you have not forgiven yourself. I pray you can.
So sorry to read this. I understand depression due to illness and losing someone. Try to take each day at a time. Try to enjoy things that make you happy even for only an hour or two. Don't isolate yourself from friends and family
 Lastly. If you are religious, God does care and understand. Peace and health.
I am depressed, I screwed up and my wife says there isnt going to be a happily ever after for us.
I didn't act on my attraction, but I did inform my wife of it. I took supplements for the past 8 months to help do some very physical landscaping at my step daughters, expecting my desire would also be directed towards  my wife, not the case, however I never acted on the feelings  We havent been physical almost the entire time we have been married. Just found out why, I have ED,after 40 yrs, so my fault. My wife has felt we have merely been roommates so it is my fault, so I left to give her time.  Talk about both of us being depressed and disappointed. sometimes I feel like giving up
as there is no taking back what has been said- Healthtopquestions - HTQ
Have you found out the cause for your ED? There are many treatments for it, and they do work. Have you tried any?
Scheduled to go through a battery of tests locally to find out.  Never the less I obviously have been remiss to not have followed up these many years. Places the blame where it belongs.  In the meantime contacts only fuel more emotional issues until causes known.  Must take a realistic approach if I were to put myself in her place.  Its all about a loss of trust, difficult to make better if ever!  When life gives you lemons try to make lemonade, might be appropriate nevertheless it is not me who has been wronged!  Still hoping for things to work out, knowing that any relationship will forever be changed by what has happened, likely a knowledge that cant be undone or made better.
Yeah any relationship will be forever changed by what has happened, but that's not the end of the story. You're living, and whatever you do today will change your life in the future. You are not losing. Don't give up. Hold on and things will work out for you.
Not much to say... But that message touched my heart. That was beautiful. Thank You
I have all these symptoms since I was in 7th grade. I even tried to end my life but my little brother stopped and after that day I never did but that doesn’t change anything for me. My situation is even worse now and I don’t feel anything except sadness. I was always alone but now even if I’m with my friends I feel alone. I feel like no one loves me. Sometimes I try to think positively but at the end if they love me then why I don't feel anything? My family just wants me to be the best in everything they want and if I do some mistake I have to listen to everything if I try to explain they don't listen. They never care how I feel and again I start feeling like no one wants me and I’m just a burden.
Thanks!! That was great!!
May 7 2019, study from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia says that transplanting gut bacteria alters depression-related behavior, brain inflammation in animals.

Scientists already know that brain and gut influence each other. In humans, patients with psychiatric disorders have different populations of gut microbes compared to microbes in healthy individuals, with parallel findings also seen in animal models of psychiatric disease.

The authors said that depressive-type behaviors are more regulated by the gut microbiome, whereas anxiety-type behaviors are primarily influenced by neural activity changes produced by stress experience.

This means one day depression can be managed by taking probiotics, it's possbile.
Signs and symptoms of depression comes in many ways and forms. How one person reflects depression is and can be much different than another, even those who are related to one another.

Depression is NOT something that you just get over.  It's not something one can "control", it just happens!

As for how one feels because their adult children being shit heads and the parent feeling depressed... True, one must own their own feelings and actions but being in a position, as I have, it wasn't me who was the root cause of my depression but my mom. Even well into adulthood she treated me like crap. Removing myself from her toxicity only fueled her fire. And then when she committed suicide on Mother's Day 2003 it was me who my adult brothers blamed. I guess some think I'm an easy mark and scapegoat.

I've risen above it all. It is far from easy! I fight with my own self every single day to not allow myself to be brought down.

In 2006, at the age of 36, I waa diagnosed with having had multiple strokes and TIA's. Lost a job i loved. To this day I am still having these strokes and TIA's - had a stroke just last week. My strokes triggered a LOT of unknowns for me! PTSD, Bipolar II, Anxiety disorder, Vasculitis of the brain, my migraines went from every so often to chronic (these things can sometimes last 3-4 weeks!)

I see, not only, an amazing psychiatrist to help with the depression and bipolar but am also in with a good therapist who specializes in cognitive behavioral health therapy. It helps! It helps me learn better ways of coping.

Never give up hope! And look for the root causes of the WHY's! Sometimes, even with family members and/or friends, cutting toxic relationships is a necessity for your own stability and health.

Hoping that i didn't sound "preachy" but SOMETIMES one has to love themselves MORE, take a step back and just think without overanalyzing things.

The best thing for anyone who feels like theyre suffering from depression, for whatever the cause may be, find a good psychiatrist who can help stabilize you and start working with a therapist. Medication will help if you allow it to and going to a good therapist (get a referral from your doctor), go in and be ready to work on yourself, what has happened to cause your depression and be ready to learn better coping skills.

There is NO SHAME in anything to do with mental health issues.  Just take that huge step and get some help!

Best of luck
In my opinion you didn't sound "preachy." I really enjoyed your words.... SOMETIMES one has to love themselves MORE, take a step back and just think without overanalyzing things. I just wanted to let you know that they inspired me during this hard time in my life. I take my meds but sometimes feel like I need the right words or the right song. Thank you
Moodìness, tired , fatigue, lack of energy, no desire anything. Sleeping ask the time , crying ., hopelessness , don't care attitude.or feeling disconnected from the world
Begin my reading your bible, pray with a sincere heart seek his face. Believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is his only begotten son
Meaning to have Faith.

Ask the creator of it all to give you wisdom and knowledge and understanding.

Learn about God words and who is. Learning from Genesis to Revelation.

You would learn and know what God wants you to do. Doing it in your on  you will be lost.
God is real.
He will give you something that any Flesh could do.

Meaning be a leader instead of a flower
Tired slot live in my room ups and downs  can't  sleep
Have you tried earplugs? I used earplugs for months and it kinda helped.
Take pine bark extract, it saved my ass. If you're depressed and tired, pine bark extract makes you happy and relaxed.
My mom has  dementia and can’t walk hardly. She refuses help and thinks it’s everyone else’s problem. I have anger everyday and That’s not me. She sucks the very life out Of me and I have no help. She is literally out of control
sorry to say, but its gonna get worse..my 99 old father has alzheimer. and its not funny. hes always so abusive, so angry.he curses everyday and he doesnt like being told what to do. you ll just have to ignore, to grin and bear it or before the whole thing shatters your nerves ask someone professional to come home and take care of her.
Always. How will this help
talk if you want, and read when you need
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I will be sitting down smoking a cigarette by myself then all of sudden it's like I zone out and I will talk to my grandson then I shake my head and relize he's not there I also do same with my daughter krystle it's scaring me
Have you been diagnosed with depression? Depression can cause this, but so do other illnesses.