How Are Vitamin and Depression Linked?

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Some receptors in human brain are ones for vitamin D and these receptors are found in areas of the brain that are linked to the development of depression. So far, scientists don't fully understand how vitamin D affects depression. One idea is that vitamin D affects serotonin levels and how serotonin works in the brain. And many depression drugs work by raising serotonin levels. This is why researchers suggest that vitamin D may help tackle depression. However, it's worth noting that studies haven't shown whether low vitamin D levels is a cause of depression. Further research is needed to find out. And you should bear in mind that it's unwise to take vitamin D supplements in place of anti-depressant medicines or other treatment options.   Keyword: vitamins depression
Low energy. Taking Vitamin B shots for 11 months. I am not feeling any better energy wise

even though wbc & rbc count inproved. Can this be normal or is something wrong? PS

not depressed.
Increases in WBC and hemoglobin are expected, since vitamin B12 helps with the maturation of WBC and red blood cells. Your fatigue is not related to vitamin B. It could be caused by other conditions.
Vitamin is generally useless for fatigue. However, it may be useful for people who have anemia. Improvement in your WBC and RBC is very normal. You should see a rheumatologist to evaluate the cause of low energy.