What Are the Symptoms of Severe Asthma?

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Q: What are the symptoms of severe asthma? A:


If you have a severe asthma attack and your regular asthma medicine doesn’t stop it, it’s an emergency. You may have symptoms such as:
  • Shortness of breath
  • Can’t speak in full sentences
  • Feel breathless even when you lie down
  • Chest feels tight
  • Bluish tint to your lips
  • Feel agitated, confused, or can’t concentrate
  • Hunched shoulders, strained abdominal and neck muscles
  • Feel that you need to sit or stand up to breathe more easily
Above all, if you use your quick-acting asthma medicine and it doesn’t help, call 911.   Keywords: severe asthma symptoms; symptoms severe asthma; severe asthma signs.